As a certified Metal Smith since 1999, I have been designing and creating jewelry from gold, silver, glass and clay in my Studio. All precious metals start from ingots and are melted/alloyed, milled or cast and worked into one of a kind pieces. I also recyle scrap gold and melt it into new designs for clients.

My passion is redesigning antique and vintage jewelry. Many clients have heirloom pieces that have been passed down to them which they will not wear due to the "old" style. The goal of my redesigning is to keep some of the old recognizable ,while adding a new look for todays taste. While some antique pieces should never be disassembled for value reasons, others should be redesigned for the years of enjoyment they were meant for!

Lampwork pieces are made from Effetre/Moretti glass and are "Slow Cool Kiln Annealed" according to industry specifications for durability,to ensure against cracking and breakage.

Polymer clays are worked into many of my designs which add a unique flair. Clay items are made from Fimo Classic, Fimo soft, Sculpey III and Premo, hardened and then enamel finished.

Beaded jewelry pieces are made from top quality gemstones, handcrafted and antique beads. Each chosen for color and quality before becoming part of my designs.

Our website offers an array of my creations plus quality estate jewelry. All estate pieces have been inspected, cleaned and or repaired when necessary and noted in the item description.

To learn more about Precious Metals, Glass, Clay and Gemstones we have gathered information and provided liks below.

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